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Originally Posted by HyperM3 Ok, Ill try to reitertate the situation. I use a mac ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
    Ok, Ill try to reitertate the situation. I use a mac on a daily basis for my reconciliation. I plugged my BB into my pc just for backup purposes and when my DM told me that there was an update, I downloaded it. It was not a DM update but an 8300 update. I know this because my phone spent about 40 mins downloading, not my computer. After downloading the update I now have version which includes a video camera. Clearly I did not have a video camera on my old sw version. Also I have new menus and even a doc-to-go folder.

    So please, Im not new to technology and I know how to work a "fone".
    I apologize.

    It was not my intention to demean your expertise in any way. It's just that I am not aware of any automatic updates for BlackBerry OS releases, nor is there an official AT&T 4.5 release available at this time that I know of.

    Thus all the confusion surrounding your posts!

    If anyone else is aware of anything similar, I'd appreciate a heads up on this!


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    No worries, I just hate being attacked like a noob. I had no idea there was an update out even from other service providers and was just as confused as everyone else when it came up.

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