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Originally Posted by iamlife098 The SIM swap didn't help the issue so I went back ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamlife098 View Post
    The SIM swap didn't help the issue so I went back to where I got the phone and they exchanged it for a new one.. I love my 8900! Thanks for the help everyone... Oh and TMO network engineer never got back to me...
    Glad you took steps and corrected it yourself! These tech people on the phone can really lead you in the wrong direction. Sounds like it could have been a bad device but we will never know as when they set the second on up, it could have been done correctly.

    No mater what sorry for the trouble and welcome to the world of Blackberry. If like me you will, after 10 years of use, find a Blackberry a must have and will depend on it.
    in Jax, FL

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    OK, I have a similar problem to iamlife 098, the wife and I recently swapped phones, she now has my iphone 3gs on orange, and I have her BB 8900 Curve!
    Unfortunately, I can use the phone, text and WIFI to get on the web, similarly she can do the same. Both of us have internet packages etc.
    Can this be sorted easily, or is it becasue the 3gs Iphone package is different to the BB package, despte the chap in the orange shop saying it would work fine.
    Also, how can I reset the email to being mine instead of hers?

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    New BlackBerry 8900 Data Plan no working

    Yeah! I been experiencing the same problem as well and been calling T-mobile back to back but nobody is actually coming up with a solution. We did all kinds of troubleshooting but nothing seem to work and my phone is still on lower case edge. For me, I am not even getting on the internet while T-mobile is telling me that everything seem to be running normal. I don't even know what is actually going on. But lets wait for a while and see whats going to happen in the coming week or weeks.

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