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I just upgraded phones and went from an 8130 pearl to and 8330m curve. I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I just upgraded phones and went from an 8130 pearl to and 8330m curve. I opened my desktop manager and tried to delete some of the stuff on my curve (facebook app, sprint nav. etc...) When i run the application loader it only shows 2 apps on my phone, but when i look on my phone i have a huge list of them. I would like to remove the ones I am not going to use to free up some memory. Any help or ideas???

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    First thing you will want to do is download and install the Operating system for your 8330 to your PC. That should then allow you to see all apps installed to your device. Facebook, Sprint Nav...etc are pushed to you via Sprint (spam) and the only way to get rid of them is to hide them. Even if you delete every time you resend service books they will reappear.

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    ask me
    In you phone go to Options, advanced options, applications, highlight the app and hit the menu Keyan select delete. If you want to remove more thEn one select no to restart device till you delete the last one
    ~via smartphone

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