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i'm new to blackberry and im totally confused with how the wifi works. It says ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Need smart peoples' help with wifi!


    i'm new to blackberry and im totally confused with how the wifi works. It says i have a connection, but sometimes wont go through. i read some forum and they were talking about Linksys WRT54GX4. i dont even know what that is. help?

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    ~via BB ( That's the brand router that works with the WiFi mostly. I might pick one up.

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    Ya help would be nice. Every location I'm in I search for networks. I always get different results. Sometimes peoples names like its there home network. Can I just connet to anything and have WiFi sevice?
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    @db3nz -- visit your local TMO store and look at the linksys router they have for the UMA service. That is configured to optimize your UMA and WIFI on your 8320.

    @MWARREN - you can in theory connect to any open network. In practice it often gets a bit more complicated....but it never hurts to try ... visit a starbucks and practice, you should have full access to wifi and UMA there...

    You guys may find this forum helpful:
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