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    Question Need Help with Warranty Replacement


    I have a blackberry 8520 with At&t. I got it in November last year and I have had it replaced 3 times from Warranty for the exact same issues. Trouble shooting, completely wiping my phone clean, taking it to the store, changing the settings has not helped with the problems I've had. I also had it replaced recently through insurance because it was stolen. NOW on the 4th 8520 and same issue, mainly with my text messages from a few days, weeks, months keep popping up from old stored conversations to where I have to re read them before opening the new text I receive and like 5 of these f*ckers will pop up all at once. I called the warranty department and they said when I call for the 4th time to get it replaced they will just issue me a new model, NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN they say they changed the rule and I can only receive the same device. Is there a way around this BS??? I was told by 3 different people this week that I would get a different model, after having spoken to a supervisor today they say they can only replace it with the same thing. Is there someone I can go to besides his supervisor to get this warranty issue solved?????? Please help me, I'm sick of this screw up on my phone...still have 6 more months under warranty.

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    If the SMS messages are saved, the old ones will reappear if you load a new OS and restore from a backup. This happens with any saved messages. I do not save any SMS, but I have saved emails. Whenever I load a new OS, the saved emails appear in my inbox once the device registers.

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    If you're in the USA the state you live in may have a lemon law that would cover this.

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