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Hi, I have NO idea how all this works. I found the link to JL ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Need help downloading the screen shot program & themes r/o/p


    Hi, I have NO idea how all this works. I found the link to JL CMDER. I downloaded it and unzipped it. when I go to my desktop manager and go to application loader it doesn't find i browse for it and select it and I get an error message: there is an XML syntax error on line 1.

    Also, How are you guys creating all these incredible backgrounds? Do you choose your theme and just download a picture and set the picture as your background picture?

    Please be very "beginner terms" for me. I'm just learning.

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    Re: Need help downloading the screen shot program & themes r/o/p

    In some distributions, there's an Install.cmd. Run this and it will "install" the application and create a shortcut on your Desktop to the program. Use the shortcut.

    If your version doesn't have Install.cmd:
    1. Create a folder C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder and unzip the package there.
    2. If you're running XP, you'll need to copy (or move) to C:\Windows\System32
    3. Move the shortcut JL_Cmder(.lnk) to your Desktop. If it doesn't exist, Right Click on JL_Cmder.cmd, and select Send To --> Desktop (create shortcut).
    Use the shortcut to run it. It doesn't run from within Desktop Manager.

    Backgrounds are just JPegs (.JPG) at the same resolution as the device. For the Curve I believe it's 320x240 for the Curve. Search any of the major download sites like for any utility that will re-size a JPG. Save them to the SD card under the BlackBerry\pictures to use them as Wallpaper.

    If you don't have an SD card, email them to yourself and save the attachment. They'll automatically save to the correct directory.

    Also, when you're using the Browser, if you have a picture selected, sometimes you can click the Menu Button and select Save Image. If you don't get that option on the menu, sometimes switching to Desktop View and moving the cursor to the image will work, but sometimes the page is designed to not allow that kind of operation.

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