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Where do I begin... 1) can't get my 'faves' icons to show up on my ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    need 8320 savvy help!!


    Where do I begin...

    1) can't get my 'faves' icons to show up on my home screen. just empty gray men on the screen. used to have the icons until I had to do a reset.

    2) when I delete mail on EITHER my 8320 or my desktop, it does not delete on the other device. how do I make it delete on both?

    3) now, when I open an email (I am aol) on my 8320, I can't send a reply -- the screen just says " no message services configured. you will only be able to Save Draft."

    Thanks you in advance to anyone who can help!

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    OK a couple things.
    1. the Myfaves Icons and ringtones have to be reset up any time the device is wiped or reloaded. If you used Picture on the memory card you just have to redo them, Sorry

    2. Unless you are on a BES, or form the Device you select Delete from Mail box and Handheld this will not work, BIS which is internet service, is not a true sync, You can't delete from the blackberry from the PC no matter how you do it.

    3. This issues sounds like you are missing service books on the phone, since you are getting mail you are halfway there, Go to Options>Advanced Options>Host routing table> look fo the line in BOLD, hit menue and register now. THis should get the SBs back. Or you can go into set up internet email from the main screeen and navagate to the mail page and there should be a send service books button there.

    Have a great day !
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