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Originally Posted by bofeity You guys are silly. Take it from me, the guy who ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by bofeity View Post
    You guys are silly. Take it from me, the guy who has had MORE phones than you and take it that I CAN SEE a difference. How many phones have you trialed? My take is you are too happy with the phone itself that you are overlooking issues that you shouldn't be. The ripple effect is now known and not just speculation. It is a design flaw on a few batches, it appears. On the other hand, if your phone 'seems' fine, then hey, more power to ya.

    Oh...I'm sorry oh great phone tester GOD!!! I still believe that your making a huge deal out of nothing....and your comparison of a Porsche and a Blackberry....priceless!!

    Hell I might just send you mine to get you to shutup!

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    I totaly agree u shouldn't settle for less. I see that ripple thing and just about to check for myself if the rest in the store is also like that. If not, I get a new one, if it is I keep mine.
    Originally Posted by bofeity
    I am now on my 4th defective 8900 since my first one on the 11th last week.

    Here is the list of problems:

    1) First phone was great except pixel issue on camera viewer (not dead pixel, but rendering error, which would also leave the 2 specks on images as well).

    2) Very bad pixel ripple effect when pressing the END KEY (not screen!)

    3) Camera lens was scratched (apparently, the coating on the lens was coming off?)

    4) The end key was placed incorrectly on the keyboard. It was angled down into the keypad at the top and thus was at an angle not level with the other keys... very strange. The store rep said, "wow what happened here?" It still worked but made it look damaged and very much 'broke' (keeping in mind resale value later down the road).

    The last 3 were from production date: 060209. The first 1 was 160109. I am going to wait until the stores get a new batch and then try again hopefully with a better outcome.

    My conclusions: All of the phones (mine and display models) have a slight (usually not noticeable unless you try hard) ripple effect when pressing the end key. Perhaps the 060209 batch (line 22) were bad? All of the phones also appear have a slightly wobbly keyboard (some less than others). And we all know about the vibrate (which could possibly be fixed with an OS update) and the battery door.

    Bofiety, I have that problem too with the screen. It doesn't really bother me but I was curious if you received a new one yet, and if it does the same?


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    I can totally understand wanting a working phone without issues. I went through 2 8100 Pearls 2 years ago before getting the third one that finally worked. The first 2 had OS problems that showed up weeks or months after I got them.

    Trust me, I wasn't a happy camper (I even changed phones for awhile due to the issues) until I got the one I used up until last year when I got my 8120.
    ~via smartphone

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