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so this is a story of my first and only expirience with the Blackberry 8350i ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    My Nightmare!!!


    so this is a story of my first and only expirience with the Blackberry 8350i Nextel

    first let me start off by telling you that i am a crackberry enthusiast, i luv the damn wife is constantly yelling at me to "put that thing down!!!' so needless to say i was excited to get the new 8350i.

    i t was given to me by my employer as a work phone, and the relationship only lasted a few months but a first it was grand, the BB was shiny and new, and came pre-loaded with 4.6os YIPEEEEE!!!!

    soon after getting it i started to notice little quarks like turning off at unexpected times or dropping calls, even a full reboot at times. But being an expierenced BB user i chalked that up to a few bugs in a relatively new phone.........i was wrong!!!

    the problems steadily got worse, soon the phones radio would work only when it apperantly wanted to!!! then when trying to do an upgrade to help the bugs, suggested by the NEXTEL rep, the phone would have a "fatal error while updating device software" horrifing words to any blackberry user......i tried everything you can think of, even standing on my head holding the usb cord as tightly as i could in the phone hoping it would get to the next level of install after "loading system software" those moments felt like years!!! AGONY!!!!

    finally i had to turn it in, went to my job site and gave them back the NEXTEL 8350i with absolutely no operating system installed and the fatel 507 error lodged securely on the screen!!! i felt like running it over with my SUV!!!!!!!

    in the end our fathfull Executive Assitant for our GM, who handles the phones felt my pain and had them RUSH a Sprint 8330m next day!!!! THANK GOD!!!!

    so the moral is please be weary, not every 8.50i will act so stubborn, but when the opportunity comes to choose between a reliable phone and a NEW phone, dont get over excited and want the newest thing on the block, sometmes OLDER is BETTER!!!!!
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    I have had that happen before. I had to replace an 8100. Well, 6 hours after replacing the thing, the replacement starts acting up. Luckily I only had to resend the service books and register the phone.
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    Wow. Once I upgraded my os I have had no problems. Sorry to hear about that. I am really enjoying my 8350.

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    i just got mine yesterday
    lov it

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    Thumbs up Kool Phone

    I got mine in December and I've have really been enjoying it, i haven't had any problems since the software update either

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    ask me
    You are right when you say the newer is not the better....
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