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Hi guys.Found the site via google and see I need to do alot of updates ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    My new BB Curve 8330 will be here tommmorrow


    Hi guys.Found the site via google and see I need to do alot of updates from what ive read here.This will be my first smart phone so if you guys can guide me on what I need to do first I would really appreciate it alot. My service is through verizon.

    Is there a chance my BB will be already updated since its been out for a while now?

    Also Ive got a library of Itunes songs(Ipod touch) I would like to transfer to the BB.Is there an easy walkthrough to do this?

    Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Since you are just now getting your curve it SHOULD come with the latest operating system installed. To check,when you get it go to options about and see what it says on the third line.

    I can't remember off the top of my head what the latest VZ OS is but I am sure its 4.5. If you want the newest official you can get the from Telus I believe and install it to your VZ 8330 its very simple.

    Also there is a way to get all your itunes to your BB I will try and find the blog post about it and give you a link unless someone beats me to it. (Hint). I don't know what u had before but I promise you will love your Curve.

    Some good apps to start with are Slacker Radio, Nobex, iheartradio all for music.

    Berryweather or weatherbugdirect for weather.

    There are also many short cuts you can install for things like CNN,Fox News,ESPN etc. The first app I would get is the pinstack launcher here

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Check the site help link in the upper right of the web page, also spend some time browsing the 8330 forums and in no time you will be a pro when it comes to what you can do with your new curve.

    One other great place to look is in the blog section. Just go over blog in the tool bar and check out the mini version tracker.

    Congrats on your new blackberry and welcome to Pinstack. We are one big family and someone will always try to help if they can.
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    Hi Blitz. Welcome to Pinstack. I had the Verizon curve for a little while and I loved it. It's a good device and you're going to like it. This site is the best place to start to learn about your new toy. I hope I can help anywhere I can.
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    Hi, welcome and congrats on your new Curve. It should have the new 4.5 OS on it. My wife just bought a new 8310 and it had 4.5.
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    Welcome to the stacks. Congrats on the curve. I have the 8330 for sprint and love it. ask away if you have questions.
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    I just bought the 8330 ( pink) from verizon and it has as the OS.

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