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Hi guys. A week ago i buyed a brand new 8330 and change carrier, switched ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    My new BB 8330 and new carrier


    Hi guys. A week ago i buyed a brand new 8330 and change carrier, switched from Telcel in Gsm to IusaCell in 3G. I payed monthly in Telcel about $140 dollars for 470 mins and 30 Sms and Bis service with a 8300, the same in Iusacell plus new BB 8330 only $70 usd. Its amazing how a big company can abuse from customers, they got a 70% in marketshare, but i had enough of bad customer service and abusive high rates. Goodbye Telcel! Hello Iusacell!!!
    MANX sends you regards from Mexico City.
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    Hi my friend I totally agree with you I have like a month with my curve from. Iusa and the customer service is better than Telcel also prices wow there's no comparation ilimited 3g internet, tv, etc etc etc now I just need to change to all my friends to iusacell. Regards
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    This is an indication of just how important good customer service is to a business. I wish more businesses would learn that - it's really not that difficult to treat customers with in helpful, respectful manner. It's their loss if they don't learn it.
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    Well I'm w/ sprint. Let's see how that works out

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