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Hey all, When I set up my fave 5 do they automatically get put in ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    My Fave5 question


    Hey all, When I set up my fave 5 do they automatically get put in my phone book if they are not there already? And If I already have an entry in phonebook and add it to a fave 5 do I need to dial it from my fave 5 icon to reap the benefits of not using minutes or can I dial it from my address book too? It seems when I dial it from my fave 5 icons it show the icon on the display letting you know it is one of your faves but when I dial from my address book it just dials it like any other numer not indicating or showing on the display it is a fave 5. I guess what I am trying to ask is if I dial from my address book a number that is on my fave 5 without using the icons ( I like them hidden) does that count towards my inutes or no? Thanks...
    P.S. sorry for noob questions

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    Re: My Fave5 question

    Once the contact is saved into the server you can manually dial it, dial it from the fave list, or use your phone book to dial. The server will recognize the number (even if your phone doesn't) as one of your fave 5. You may want to check and see how the number is stored in your fave 5 list and in your phonebook to see if they are identical which may explain why the phone doesn't signify the contact when you use your phonebook.
    As for whether a person automatically gets stored, yes, as soon as the contact is updated it should be automatically stored in your address book automatically by the system when you recieve the update. On the icon indication side, I spoke with my tech who uses an 8100 with myfaves and says there is no indication in his phonebook that they are myfaves contacts. I have seen on Motorola's that they have a myfave icon next to their name signifying the difference.


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    Re: My Fave5 question

    Yes, as long as TMO knows it's a MyFavs #, then it doesn't matter how it's dialed. I have some of the MyFavs stored as one-touch dialing (i.e., press & hold the 2). I also noticed that under the MyFavs, the numbers can't have a wait or pause tone. I have my office vmail as a MyFavs (just the number) but my speed dial has the wait indicators so I don't have to enter my extension, password, etc. everytime.

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