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    My experience with the 8300 and the 8310..


    Well 2 weeks ago I got the 8300 curve and for the first day it was excellent,,, then all the sudden I was at work and the phone was just sitting on my desk and I looked at it and the screen was all white and the hourglass was just spinning around and around.. I tried a batt pull and it stayed the same .. I went to a store and exchanged with another 8300 that was working.. After a week with that phone I noticed that dust or lint was building up really badly on the right side of the display under the clear screen. I took that phone back to the same store and they ended up giving me an 8310.. Well a few days with this phone and no probs watsoever, I think the build quality is much better, the phone feel much more solid that the previous ones. Oh yeah the GPS work flawlessly ... Just wanted to vent ...

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    Re: My experience with the 8300 and the 8310..

    I got my 8310 on 10/25 and so far, it's been flawless. No system crashes, no dust that I've noticed and it feels solid enough (didn't have a 8300 so can't compare). Overall, I'm extremely happy with mine. Travel frequently for work so the GPS has been a Godsend. One less thing to carry, loose, charge by having GPS onboard and not using a separate puck. I pay for TeleNav (I get reimbursed for it so don't care what it costs) and it's worked flawlessly so far. Google maps finds the birds as quickly but I like the turn by turn speech offered by TeleNav and being able to keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

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