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    I have a Microsoft Zune, some of my music I purchased from Zune Marketplace, and some of it is from my own CD collection. When I try to put a song onto my BB that I purchased from Zune it tells me the song is copyrighted, anyway around that.

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    this is a LONG way around it but I'm pretty sure it will work.

    burn the song to a CD (all the songs your having problems with)
    DO NOT BURN AS MP3 it will retain the copyright info, burn to "audio" cd.

    after that is done rip the song from the CD back to your computer.

    (like I said it's a long way around but it should work.)

    I had to do this with my entire Itunes library because all of the song were ripped in their proprietary audio format, and would not transfer to my girlfriends iPod. Anyway, if you burn the songs as an audio track to a CD when you re-rip them to your computer, save them in whatever file format you want, MP3, and the old info (like that copyright notification) should go away.

    I've never tried this with my Blackberry (so you'll have to tell me if it works or not) but it works great with reconverting iTunes libraries.
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