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I enjoyed each Curve 83xx version I owned, from the very first 8300, to the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I enjoyed each Curve 83xx version I owned, from the very first 8300, to the 8310 & 8320. These were, and are, the best of the available models at the time. From day one until 16 months later I continued to use mine as my main smartphone, even though I have many other choices. I will also say that even now I still think they are fantastic. So much so, that I truly did not think the Bold would be significantly better in the keyboard department. Especially since I rated the 83xx keyboards the best of any.
    Now however I have had a complete change of mind. The Bolds keyboard is spacious, fast, has precise tactile feedback & is very comfortable. When I use my 8310 now (they are both on their own lines & active) I find the keyboard quite cramped. Still a good, but no longer "great" keyboard as the Bold has raised the bar much higher. In addition the large hi-res display has me spoiled. Yes I know the new Curve has an even higher resolution, but there is a point where that extra resolution only returns a small improvement over the already stellar Bold.

    Then we have size. Where initially I wondered about carrying the larger Bold, any concern has evaporated as the pros outweigh the cons by a very wide margin. There is simply no substitute in my opinion for the outstanding ergonomics of the Bold. Even from a price standpoint I feel the Bold is priced right and provides value.

    Speaking strictly for myself I rate the Bold as the very best smartphone presently available. Quite candidly I don't see that changing anytime soon. The Bold is comprised of the best feature set of any. Finally a very important contributor to an excellent Bold experience is the Seidio Innocase Skin I have on mine. It turns the naked Bold, which for me is a bit slippery to hold (due to the silver surround) into a very confident secure feeling hand hold. Since it's a bit thicker than the BlackBerry brand skin, its a better, more snug fit. And the other bonus is it turns the device into a BlackBerry that I can use one handed when I wish. If I sound enthused about my Bold it's because I am!


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    I'm putting my Bold up for sale, and using my Curve (or iPhone I might get) until the Jav comes out! I love the Bold but I don't need the 3G, and PERSONALLY I prefer the tighter keyboard on the Curve series. For me, a smaller keyboard = less distance my thumbs have to travel = faster typing!

    Not gonna lie though, the "softness" and smoothness of the Bold keyboard is pretty awesome. Gonna miss that, but both are like home for me now.

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    You both have good points and again the only reason i decided to go with the Javelin is because of the design, the lock key (i use it a LOT), and the 3.2mp camera which i find myself using for work as i dont need to have a camera anymore when i need a picture checked out for a press release or whatever else.

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