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Just thought I would pass this on. I love my BB and listening to my ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Motorola Wireless HD Sterio head phones.


    Just thought I would pass this on. I love my BB and listening to my music but hate the wires on ear buds. they always seem to get caught on something and ripping out of my ears. and I saw moto came out with a new version of there wireless head phones. the new s9hd and I found me one on eBay new for 58.00 and there great. I can listen to my tunes and if a call comes in I just take the call and return to the song that I was listening too after the call. But the point I want to make is they really sound great so if your like me and want to cut loose of ear buds and wires check them out.

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    Thanks for the little review. I know what you mean by the wires getting in the way..
    I was at the gym an hour ago and while I was running and watching a movie on my BB, I accidentally hit the wire and ripped the earphones out of my ears. It also almost threw my Bold to the ground!

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    I just bought these headphones from bestbuy... I love them too. Do you find that they fit a little tight over the ears though?

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    I did a review of this headset a few weeks ago here.

    They're intended to be that tight for the reason ssnxp uses them.....working out at the gym. If they weren't that tight, they'd be flying off your head with every stride.

    It's a great headset!

    Can't tell you how many times I've done that with my wired headset, ssnxp. Really irritating!

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    Can anyone speak to the difference between the S9 and the S9 HD in terms of sound quality? Much difference?

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    Ask Me
    You guys must have big heads? Or maybe mine is small... :-) Not trying to throw any jabs... But I gave mine away to someone I consider having a "huge head" because they kept falling off of mine! It was a waste of my money! Thank GOD for Best Buy Reward Points! LOL. The company would profit more by making them adjustable.

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