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Confusious wants to know what is SMS and what is MMS and what they do ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Mms / Sms


    Confusious wants to know what is SMS and what is MMS and what they do or the differences... I have an 8330 and have them both but they are currently used under one message folder... I was going to seperate them but don't know the differences and what they do ?

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    SMS is basically your Text Messages, MMS is basically your Multimedia Text Messages: Text plus pictures, Video and or Audio Clips or Files. Normally some folks (like myself) like for my SMS & MMS to be separate from my Mail Messages.

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    Oh yeah I wasn't to sure either, but once i started playing with the phone I learned so much. That's my advice play with it learn everything you can about your phone.

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    I like all mine to go to the same place, so I dont have to jump all over the place to look through them all, especially in the mornings, when I wake up.. other wise I just set up different tones for email account mms and sms, I have 6 email accounts set up. so i know by the tone if I want to look at it right away or later when i am not busy.
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    Sad that u guys can even snd both I'm with sprint so u know what that means

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    I miss mms also, but checking picture mail is fast enough for me not to notice a difference..

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