When I first got my Bb 8320 a couple of weeks back I took advantage of a 1 month free trial download of MLB Gameday. Whenever I try to open the programme I get the menu screen up, but then if I try to open the MLB Games section, or add a player to the Player Tracker, I get a Network Error telling me my phone is unable to connect to the network and to please try again later. Unfortunately my e-mail to the tech support at MLB appears to have been ignored (plus they give you a character limit when you submit the query which means you are restricted in how well you can explain the problem), so I thought I'd pose the question here and see if anybody else has experienced the problem or know what's causing it. Mind you, I do wonder how many UK based, 8320 owning, Crackberry subscribing baseball fans there are out there (and if I were to hazard a guess at the cause of the problem it would be that mobile Gameday isn't supported outside of the US).

I've cross posted this from another couple of Bb forums as I've had no response there. Apologies if you're reading this again.

Thanks in advance,