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    Question Missed Call Pop-up


    Ok, I have seen this post a million times but none of the responses seem to truely address this question. Is there a way to disable the pop-up when I missed a call? I get alot of 1800 telemarketers and I downloaded Black and Whitelist and it does the trick but I get that annoying popup. Please let me know if this is just an option that I am over looking or if there is 3rd party software that can take care of this problem. Or a call blocker that can get rid of the call before this pop up has time to come on the screen. Thanks

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    From my understanding, I don't think there is a way to disable the popup.

    When I used YouMail, you could get rid of callers, but you had to let the call ring through to voicemail. Not sure how to get rid of the popup entirely though.
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    Nope, you're going to have go through the pain-staking process of clearing off the missed call each time.

    You can go into phone options and disable call logging but you will still get the missed call box.
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    Try i,softwarelab's call manager light. It's the more elaborate version of black and whitelist, which gives a 'hang up' option in addition to 'drop call'. When I select the 'hang up'option, it dumps the call wihtout going to voicemail and without displaying the missed call pop up.

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    I subscribed to T-Mobile's family allowances and just add the numbers as they come in to the never allowed number area. No pop-ups no ringing its beautiful.

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