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Hey fellow pinstackers! I have a 8310/ and cannot pinpoint my phone memory problem. I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Memory problems


    Hey fellow pinstackers!

    I have a 8310/ and cannot pinpoint my phone memory problem.

    I tried uninstalling the latest fb and uber twitter to see if that's the problem but it still existed with them gone.
    Is there any app I can get that monitors memory usage and that is free? I know, I'm soo picky. :P

    I'll provide a list of programs installed once I get home and it is easier for me to make the list.

    Much thanks for any help!
    ~via smartphone

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    What are you experiencing in regards to the memory problem?

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    My roommate is experiencing the same thing. Her BB Messenger Conversations dissapear and one time all her contacts were also gone. She's afraid to DL any apps in fear that all her other valuable info will be gone... Any ideas? It started happening on her brandnew (fresh out the box) 8320 and then now it's happening to an 8300.. Could it be the SIM? Or the upgrade to 4.5 software?

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    If you're experiencing disappearing conversations, call logs, etc, it's definitely a memory issue.

    There is a thread in the Technical Support Blog link in my signature that outlines some things you can do to free up memory. In a nutshell, though, deleting e-mails, call logs, texts, etc on a regular basis helps, as does clearing the browser data cache and event logs.

    To clear browser info, open the browser, then press the BB menu key (to the left of the trackball). Scroll to Options, then select Cache Operations and clear all those out.

    To clear the event log, on the home screen press and hold the ALT key, then type L-G-L-G. This brings up the event log after which you'll press the BB menu button and select Clear Log.

    You can also delete a couple of most likely unused applications that will clear about 5mb of space.....Help and TTY.

    On the home screen, select Options>Advanced Options>Applications. Scroll to the Help or TTY app, press the BB menu button and select Delete. When you've deleted both, pull the battery on the device for about 10 seconds, then reinsert and see how much memory you've freed up. Regular battery pulls help "reformat the disk" so to speak, freeing up unused memory.

    FYI, the TTY application isn't necessary unless you are hard of hearing and you don't the Help application because you have us here on PinStack! :d

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