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So if I get this correctly, a memory leak is basically a program that is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Memory Leak Question


    So if I get this correctly, a memory leak is basically a program that is shutdown yet process still in a hanging state consuming memory?

    If so, any way to kill orphan processes on the blackberry curve? Or even view them?

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    Hold Down the ALT key and hit the Back Key this will show you what is running. You have a memory card inthe phone? and the latest appoved OS? Also Make sure you clean youe Mail ans SMS out, Call logs, and you can check the Error log, ALT LGLG and clear the Log, you can hold ALT, Right Shift, and hit delete to do a reboot like a batter pull. this is on the full keyboard BBs like the Curve.
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    "memory leak" is more of a generic term used to describe the slow erosion of available memory on your device over time due to usage, logs building up, etc.

    To view all currently open / running applications hold the ALT key and press the escape key (left of the trackball). You can scroll thru the list using your trackball and then access and close open apps, however you will also see the native apps messages, phone/call log, BB messenger,and browser which cannot be closed.

    For more info on freeing up memory read the link in my Blog...
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