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Hi all, Is there a way to staore emails from the device memory to the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Memory Card & Emails


    Hi all,

    Is there a way to staore emails from the device memory to the memory card?

    I'm worried that some important emails will be deleted from the devise when the internal memory becomes too full.

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    Re: Memory Card & Emails

    Haven't seen a say to save to the card, there is a save option in messages, but not really sure where they go except that saved folder. You could make a backup of your phone periodically, that will save your messages and other info to a computer using the desktop manager software.

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    Re: Memory Card & Emails

    Unfortunately, the media card is only available for media use. You can store files on it, but you have to active mass storage mode for the card under options, and you have to transfer files to/from the card via the usb cable and windows File Explorer.

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