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so i just got my 8900 a few months ago im trying to learn all ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    so i just got my 8900 a few months ago
    im trying to learn all the great things it can do BUT
    I have problems with it freezing up or taking a while to do what i want it to
    I have only a few apps that i downloaded
    how to i get more memory for my phone
    just buy a new larger memory card?

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    Sounds like your running out of onboard memory try closing the apps your not using not just hitting the end button,and do a battery pull if that doesn't help
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    No Way
    Memory card will not give you phone more memory. It is for storage of media only!

    The 8900 has SO much built in memory, I can not believe you are out with only a few apps installed.

    Most likely you are not closing down stuff when you are done using it. The processor in the 8900 is not it's strong point and the less you can have running in the background, the better. Some apps can work the processor pretty hard in the background.
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    Had the same problem. Just make sure you close all the apps when your done instead of just hitting back or end. Get quik pull(app) then just set it to restart your phone every night. That's what I do. My phone works great. Just remember its a blackberry not a little phone. Things sometimes take a while due to the constant updates and stuff.
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