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    Question Media player and the new 4.5 OS


    I have the BB Curve 8330 and recently upgraded the OS to the new
    So before the upgrade I could be listening to tunes and when a call or email or message came in the tunes would only stop during the notification. Now however the tunes will not restart and I have to manually navigate back to the media player.
    Is there a setting somewhere that I can not find or am I stuck with this now?

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    just ask
    This could be inherent to that particular O/S. You can try backing the phone up and doing a wipe or even trying reloading the O/S to see if this will resolve the issue. If this doesn't help I would recommend switching different operating systems. With the two versions of 4.5 that I have it doesn't do that.

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    I just turn off my Signal when im riding my bike and listening to music so this dosent happen.......but I do experience the same thing with the new OS. But even with the old one.....after the call or txt msg (when the music was playing) it out go off while the notification went on...then turn back on. So it got really annoying...msuic cutting in and out.

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