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    Media card problem - help!


    I got a new Curve about 2 months ago and bought the SD card with it. They installed it, it was working fine, I took lots of pictures on it, everything was fine.
    A couple days ago, my photo wallpaper disappeared and i get "A Media Card has been inserted that is not formatted. Please format the card." All of my pictures and music are gone. I connected my phone to my computer and it says "no media card present". I can't get the computer to recognize it with a card reader either.

    Is there any way to get them back? Or am I stuck reformatting the card and losing everything I had on there?

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    you will mostlikely have to reformat the card but after this i would search on here for Karens Replicator and install it. This is a backup software that you can use to back up the Media card.

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    Are you able to use a card reader, separate from the BB and try and see if the card still has your data on it? It may just be an issue with the phone not reading what's there.

    If that is the case, copy everything on the card to a folder on your PC, reformat the card, then drag everything back onto it. That should resolve your problem.

    If that is not the case, it sounds like your card got corrupted somehow and you have more than likely lost what was there. Sorry to hear you're having this problem but hopefully one the first couple of steps work for you.
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    There are apps out there for the PC that will sometimes recover lost data from media cards and flash drives. I have not used any before, so I cannot recommend one, but have heard that some work well. Just another option if your card has become corrupted and you've lost your data.
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