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Originally Posted by Lavagirl To answer this part of your question: Formatting a card basically ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Macbook pro to 8300 transfers..


    Quote Originally Posted by Lavagirl View Post
    To answer this part of your question:

    Formatting a card basically insures that it is going to work right with your BB.
    Just like computers, memory cards have file systems, folders, etc.
    When you use your BB to format a card, it sets the card up the way the BB needs it to be in order to function properly.
    Now, for the most part, if you just pop in the memory card, it will usually work. Most BB's will allow you
    to store files on the card, regardless of whether you've formatted it or not.
    However, formatting a card is a very quick and painless procedure, so I recommend doing
    it the first time you pop the card into your BB.
    Formatting can also fix lots of problems too such as error messages, bad writes, etc.
    Always a good idea for best sd card performance
    Literally, a perfect explanation...

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    Re: Macbook pro to 8300 transfers..

    Quote Originally Posted by jscottbarnes View Post
    This isn't completely accurate... (the iSync part, that is) - I don't use Missing Sync and send pics and songs via BT all the time

    You will need the memory card as everyone has noted... when you go into bluetooth on the Mac > select send file... then browse and choose your file (usually via Finder)... > next select send > on your BB you have 1st go into the Media app (if its a song, go to music... if a pic to pictures...) as the Mac is trying to send hit menu on the BB and select "receive via bluetooth"

    that should do it -

    All this is assuming you have paired the Mac with the BB of course... good luck and let me know how it goes... again, i do this plenty w/o either of the apps noted above
    Yes, sorry. You can do the minimal syncing as described above but you can't do iCal, Address book, Notes and tasks .. which for me are the backbone of using a BB. I get to sync all these along with music, photos and folders with Missing Sync which is something iSync by itself will not do with the BB.
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