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Oooook i stopped in the sprint store today. Pretty sure i'll just shell out for ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Oooook i stopped in the sprint store today. Pretty sure i'll just shell out for the tour :-D. are apps coming out pretty regularly for this. does much even need to be even changed seeing its newer then the curve? this is not helping the idea though btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegazab View Post
    Now i have made my run around from cell phone company to cell phone company. I have had many phones from your basic free phones to your latest and greatest. I currently am considering a Blackberry Curve 8330 (i know obviously if i am posting this here) and having Sprint as my provider. I have noticed that there are a plethora of websites with apps, themes and more. I am just wondering what apps you have found useful and worth downloading. Anything from the vibrate and ring (one i am particularly interested in seeing i don't like phones that don't have this option) to certain games that may work well with the blackberry's format. As well as certain websites that are user friendly or have cheap apps or just good. If you have any opinions on even the choice of phone or provider i am open to hearing them. Honestly I really want a blackberry and just am trying to make some right choices. By the way its for more of a personal use not business. Really the most scheduling will be done for my school schedule. Thank you in advance.
    The 8330 is a great phone and does do vibrate/ring and one app i found very usefull is a web feed type of app from accuweather very small kb think is 17 or 20 kb and gives up to date weather and games i have bejewelled on mine and enjoy it for passing time. check out there is some apps, games, ring tones, and more

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