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Ok so as I was browsing ebay this morning (I am on the prowl for ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Look what I found while browsing Ebay!


    Ok so as I was browsing ebay this morning (I am on the prowl for a Bold) I came across this listing. So the Bold has come out, the Storm has come out...the only one left is the Javelin / 8900 that is what I found on ebay today my fellow stackers.

    Its priced at $1,999.99 of course because it hasn't been released but take a look...the Jav looks pretty fresh.

    Let me know what you all think, and would you be willing to spend that much on it just to be "first" ?

    It doesn't look that much smaller than the Bold to be honest.

    The listing is from Canada, so perhaps there are some more floating around.

    Enjoy Stackers!!

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    good find-the crazy thing is someone will pay the 2K for it! I think I'll wait a while

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    I agree I'm not paying 2grand for a phone I will wait
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    And i thought over a grand for the 9500s on Ebay was bad!

    Edit: OMFG!!!!!!
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    Pfffff, na I'll just wait until the offical release. Cause its most like a pre model. Its like the Bold but better!!

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