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well i dont noe how to explain it my title even suck anyway i need ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    lock from browser and calender information


    i dont noe how to explain it
    my title even suck
    i need help from u guys

    first calender thing
    i keep my appointments forever but i have to take off the battery and all my appointments r just gone.
    any ideas how can i get them back?
    i dont sync anything pc to bb

    another one is the browser
    everytime i use browser the left top corner i saw the lock and the sign look like i m unsecure connection or sth

    can u guys help me out in two problems of mine?


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    I'm not sure why you lost your calendar entries just from doing a battery pull, but if you have never done a backup or synced to your pc, then there is no way to get those calendar entries back.

    On your browser, the lock symbol will show unlocked for most pages like if you are browsing on pinstack or reading news, things like that. It will show locked symbol when you are on secure pages such as logging into your bank account. Hope this helps.
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    try going to calendar then select options>select calendar>show all
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