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    Location Search now missing on Blackberry Maps


    I have the Curve 8310 with GPS. I am on Rogers. My OS is A few days ago I had a 523 application error and had to reinstall The crash was due to running content protection while getting an MMS, while using the "Today" theme, a weird incident but known issue.

    Now "Location Search" is missing from BB Maps. BB Maps and my GPS still work, so what happened to Location Search?

    My version of Blackberry Maps is 1.2.26.

    I have reinstalled my OS twice. I deleted BB Maps and reinstalled it from the RIM website:

    This simply downloaded 1.2.26 again. I deleted the application and did an OTA install and got the same version back.

    One thing I noticed is that half my friends 8310's have LBS and half don't. Those with LBS are running and 1.2.26.

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