So am using 4.5 with my 8300, I dunno if that is going to relevant to the problem or not but i just thought that i would add that in there.
So yesterday i was on MSN instant messenger, and i had a friend add me so that we could talk. But this kid has like 4 personal email address and he added all of them. So i got like 4 new request in one session. I've never had to add some OTA before so i didn't think anything of it and added all four email address. But after each add it said something like would you like to link this new MSN contact with a excesting contact on you BB. So with all 4 email address i did this. When we talked and there were no problems!
Here is the problem, this friend is the Moderator of a Msg board that i use a ton!! Normally when i would get a PM or a forum notification, i would get a email that was from "utah****.com". Now that that I added all of the email address from my friend. When i get a PM or forum notifaction it say that it is from him and not utah****.com.
So i looked at his contact in my BB address book and it only had one email address listed for him and it wasn't the utah****.com, so i deleted him, then re added him only using his phone number. But still when i go to my email in box it says that there is a new email from him and it has name, but when i open it, it is just a new PM.
I really hope that makes sense, is very confusing for me. Because i talk to him on the Msg board, and in tXt alot. But i also talk to hundreds of ppl on the board too. So every time that i get a PM it say that it is coming from him and that isn't true. I would really like it so say Utah****.com again.
If you can help me with this that would be great! Thanks a t on in advance!