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OK so i've been gettting alot of dust in the right side of my Curve. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Kind Of Pissed


    OK so i've been gettting alot of dust in the right side of my Curve. I called up AT&T and told them about the problem. They tried telling me that there is no reports of this being a manufacturers defect and that would rule as physically damaged. That I would have to call up RIM and see about a replacement through them. Any thoughts??? Dust is not physical damage what should I do??

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    Re: Kind Of Pissed

    Actually with Tmobile, they would replace it if your still under the trial period. ATT should replace it, tell them it's really bothering you. Try talking to different reps. Goodluck.

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    Re: Kind Of Pissed

    go to an att store and call the warranty line. tell the warranty people that the reason you want a new phone is the memory leak. they will give you two options, mailing your own phone in (they give you box) or go to a warranty center. if they don't give you the option, ask where the closet warranty center is. i found out that i have one less that 1/2 mile from my house. went there, had a new phone in under 5 minutes.

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    Re: Kind Of Pissed

    You could always play target practice, with the logo, on their shirt...
    Im sure, one of the corners of the curve, could leave a nasty bruise... JK>>>
    That sucks about the dust. I say, if your not having mechanical problems with the curve, then get the tools from CNN.CN. And a can of compressed air..... There is a seal, on the inside of 8800 devices, im not sure about the curve. I would bet, that there isnt..
    Ugh, couldnt think of anything to change it to.

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