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Sorry if there is already a thread for this. My keyboard on the 8900 just ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Keyboard not working 8900 (Fixed)


    Sorry if there is already a thread for this. My keyboard on the 8900 just stopped working yesterday the only thing that worked was the scroll of the ball.
    I scanned many post of the same problem with no solution, I tried the update os I even did the bbsak wipe and reload. No luck. I called up tmobile and they said they will send me a new one after they had no luck talking me through trying to fix it. That was great but I still needed my phone until the next one comes.

    What I did- I removed the sims card and the mem card, I carefully removed the 6 screws and took the phone apart. I unplugged all the wires and cleaned every contact with rubbing alcohol. I plugged every thing back in and temporally held the battery in place while it booted up. The agreement screen came up (because I reloaded the os). I scrolled to the bottom like it did many times while it was broken and YES it worked. I click the track ball and it went to the set up screen.
    I held the bat in while I turned off the phone the took the bat out. I put the 8900 back together, put my sims card in put the battery back in and started it up. It works (Thank god).

    So if your keyboard fails it may not be a lost cause. Total time wasted trying to fix this phone (5 hours) total cost (priceless)
    Good luck

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    this is helpful. a few hours pays off, eh?

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