I have PocketDay and use the keys for shortcuts; previously when I went to Options/Advanced/Applications three different programs for DocsToGo appeared so that I could link for example just WordToGo to a shortcut key through the PD program. Now, I think since allowing my trial version of DocsToGo Premium to lapse or maybe since installing OS4.5.0.55, only “DocsToGo” appears, and when I select it as a shortcut key in the PD program, the key opens SheetsToGo, instead of what I want, DocsToGo. The funny thing is that I no longer have the trial version of DocsToGo and yet I can still use SheetsToGo.

Question is how can I get back to having the three sub-programs appear in Options/Advanced/Applications so I can pick which one to link to the shortcut key?