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Ok my cousin was playing around with my phone while it was locked and I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    JVM Error 513


    Ok my cousin was playing around with my phone while it was locked and I guess she tried to many times so the words wiping came across the screen then it reset itself and now the words JVM Error 513 comes up and that's it. Can someone help me out
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    Not sure what 513 means but google it and you will find out exactly. Try a battery pull and most likely you will have to reload your OS. If desktop manager doesn't recognize your blackberry, go into the loader.exe file via c: drive > program files > common files > research in motion > loader apps (I believe) > your handheld OS that's on your computer (must be downloaded and delete the vender.xml file) > and click on loader.exe. This will initiate the app loader and should recognize your device. If not, then you must try to reload the OS via the command line interface which will def recognize your OS.

    I may be off alittle on the exact steps to get to loader.exe, but it should be fairly accurate. Try batt pull first tho and see if that helps.
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    You will need to reinstall the OS after that you should be back uo and running.

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