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~via BB ( question have you gone to the set up internet email on your ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    ~via BB ( question have you gone to the set up internet email on your phone. If you haven't it should see that you've changed pins and ask if you want to switch it.

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    I'm with you guys on the sent mail thing. Let's go back for a sec; when anyone uses gmail on their Blackberry, if you send an email to say an AOL address, you get a duplicate of that email in your inbox. This was VERY annoying, so you set a filter to prevent that.

    But, when you send an email from a gmail account to the same gmail account, should you not receive a notice of a "new e-mail" in your messages folder. This notice wouldn't be for the message that was sent, but due to the fact that an email is being received....

    I know it did it on my 8300, but now on my 8310 it doesn't. Perhaps since setting up the filter on my new 8310, I did something different. Oh well, atleast I'm getting other email....

    Did you guys see the other qestion I had? I saved a theme to my Bberry from here, but can't find it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silv333 View Post
    On another note, if I downloaded a new theme (Boldberry) and it's not in my "themes" section, where would it be?

    Sometimes you have to do a battery pull to get them to show up in you themes area. If you have done that and it still has not shown up, you probably need to upgrade you OS
    I saved it, but can't find it!!
    If you have DL a theme and you cannot find it under your themes, you need to do a battery pull, then check again. If you can see the theme but cannot activiate it, you need to upgrade your OS as the theme you have DL will not run on the current OS on your phone
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