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... and man, was I impressed! What the heck! Just when I thought my 8320 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Just handled the G1 Google phone...


    ... and man, was I impressed! What the heck!

    Just when I thought my 8320 running 4.5, with hardshell case, 4gb micro SD card, and screen protector was the god of all phones, I had to stumble upon someone with the G1!

    Someone please tell me it has it's faults???

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    Well, the main one for me is no stereo bluetooth capability as of yet. The hardware is there, but it's left to the devs to get it working. Second, there's no on-screen keyboard as of yet. What this means is that every time you get a text, there is no one handed quick replies. You have to slide the screen up to reveal the keyboard, and type two-thumbed. Also, typing with the typical two-thumbed approach is a little uncomfortable with the 'chin' the way it is. It's not that bad, but you wanted faults.

    I've also got a problem with how loud the speaker is when you're playing a movie. Almost feels like that beautiful screen is wasted when you have to cup your hands around the device to hear it. That's the way the Iphone was, and I didn't like it with that either.

    Again, you asked for faults, so that all I really gave. lol

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    All I can say is, It is not a Blackberry!....That is my only fault with the phone....

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    The build of the G1 left a sour test in my mouth. I played with my friends and I felt if I dropped it by mistake it would simply shatter instantly. There is to camera flash, that's an instant no for me. It's a fun "I have my sons G1" type of phone to me. Good device for the smart phone market yet simply not for me.

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    no multi touch, have to have the keyboard open for widescreen view, no video recording, no flash on camera, have to download a video player, bad for syncing, horrible headphone jack design and location, no exchange, a lot of released programs/applications might be crap because there is NO standard or checks system, no keyboard on screen ever, limited 3G network availability, annoying chin on phone, from afar people might think you're on a sidekick...

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    I've had my G1 for almost a week now and the biggest complaint I have about it is battery life. Even with just about everything else turned off, after a day of texting and instant messaging with a few different people, my battery was down to 2% when I got home.
    I know a big complaint is no onscreen keyboard, but I don't really feel that's a big deal. I'd much rather flip out the screen and type on the keyboard than accidentally tap a bunch of wrong keys trying to one hand type on a touch screen. And the chin of the phone really isn't as much of a problem for typing as people make it sound. It does feel a little weird at first, but you don't really notice it after using it for a few hours.
    I have been having a few problems with the instant messaging programs, Sometimes I log in, and it shows no one is online when I know for a fact a few of my friends never sign off. If I im someone who is online, they do get the messages, and usually I get the replies, but I've apparently missed a number of ims on the yahoo messenger.
    Despite all the ups and downs, I love this thing. Hands down I'd take it over the iphone any day, and until I get to play with a Storm, I'm calling the G1 my favorite device on the market.

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    Ive had my G1 for a week. Im sending it back. Each day I find I do not like it more and more. Battery life sucks. Unplugged for 4 hours, used it for NOTHING, battery was dead. AIM sucks on it. Always signing you off. Yes, if you drop it, you're screwed. I miss my curve.

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