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So I ordered a Curve and I'm ditching my Ipod. Most all of my music ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    ITunes conversion?


    So I ordered a Curve and I'm ditching my Ipod. Most all of my music is in the acc format on my laptop. Is there a way to revert it back to mp3 or have Itunes on my Berry?

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    Re: ITunes conversion?

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    Re: ITunes conversion?

    in my experiance its best to keep both your ipod and BB its both devices have there pros and cons just my 2 cents

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    Re: ITunes conversion?

    I would keep the iPod too. The audio quality on a BB is not even close to the sound quality on the iPod. Even with high quality earbuds it just dosent compare.~via BB (

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    Re: ITunes conversion?

    The only way I know how to convert the files to mp3 is a major pain in the ***. I have to burn the files to a CD, then rip the files off of the CD using WM Player.

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    Re: ITunes conversion?

    Another thing to bear in mind is that you will be converting from one lossy format to another and each step of this is likely to lose some information through the compression. That information can never be got back so if you want to preserve the quality of audio you would be better keeping them, and playing them, in their original format.
    The only other alternative is to get them in the best quality possible (either a lossless format or the original WAV files) and make a single lossy conversion from there.
    If you're not really concerned about the quality you may not be too bothered about the small loss but it's best to be aware of it.
    I think you'll find that the Blackberry (dependant on which OS you have) can play AAC files, they are also supported by iTunes I think so that may be the most compatible option.

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