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I've been looking for sometime now for people to test my themes and I've not ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I've been looking for sometime now for people to test my themes and I've not been having much luck, so I'm going to give this another shot since I'm in the process of coming out with a rather large collection of themes that is compatible with a variety of devices.

    Currently I need testers for the following devices ONLY, however, I do keep a list which I update regularly here.

    ISO (In Search Of) theme testers for the following...
    From 85xx/93xx OS5 series...
    8330 & 8350i

    From 96xx OS5 series...
    8900, 8910, 8930, 8980, 9630 & 9650
    My expectations of testers are...
    As a theme tester you should be available to test and supply feedback immediately (within 24-hours, but preferably a lot less). Those who can't be readily available I will replace with those who can. This is nothing personal. Themes I share with my theme testers I have already personally tested (within an inch of their lives lol) on multiple simulators, as well as my personal devices, but I do always like to have another set of eyes to look them over.
    As a theme tester you will look for bugs, misalignment's and things of that nature; NOT offer advice on things to change. I don't mean to sound rude, but I want a theme tester and not someone who wants to make a theme I build their own. There are times however that I will ask for this feedback as well.

    If and/or when an issue is found with the theme, supply me with a screenshot to help me troubleshot the issue, as well as a description of what was being done at the time the issue occurred.
    Lastly, I expect that all those who test themes for me will keep the download links completely private and download them to their personal device only. Any user who is discovered downloading to multiple devices and/or sharing the supplied links will be removed as a theme tester.
    In Return...
    All those who test my themes will receive a final version at no cost. I am also in the process of implementing custom coupon codes for my testers to use on Mobihand in the event that a theme being tested is not of their liking. These coupons will of course be monitored for abuse and any abusing party will have their coupon deleted as well as they will be removed as a theme tester. Lastly, theme testers will also receive custom order themes at a flat fee of $5 and extra features will be included at no charge.

    I do also try to share any beta programs I may have the privileged of inviting people to, for example, Google+.

    Overall I do my best to show my appreciation in any way that I can. A theme developer can only be as good as their testers
    To Apply...
    If you're interested in becoming a theme tester for JB Designs, please submit your device/OS and PIN number via this post or a private message. Once I have this information I will add you to my BBM Group where I supply the download links, gain feedback etc.
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