Today I was sat at our local Library as my two youngest picked up their certificates and medals for the summer reading challenge. They had to read 6 books over the summer holidays (August to September) to win and today as mentioned earlier they collected the 'well done' with applause and the local Councillor and staffs there for the photo moments.

Now this is where I am wondering about an instant snap.

I was there phone on my lap, ready to hit the button on the side for when they we called up. I hit the button and nothing happened well my homescreen stared at me, but nothing more than that. Frantically I pressed it again. Still nothing. I apologised and felt the other parents eyes burning into my skull from behind. I pressed it again and the camera kicked in.

Now I am wondering is there anyway I can set up a 'snap now' button so it can bypass launching the camera and just take a picture. I know it may not be a great shot but at least it is a shot.