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yea i know right... lol... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    yea i know right... lol

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    Laughing and slapping knee.....
    Always check your post dates kiddies!!!!!!
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    I can record with my OS 4.5 8310

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavagirl View Post
    No video recording on the Curve, sorry. No BB has this capability yet.
    I have the Curve 8310 with OS 4.5. How did I get it? I found it and uploaded it to my Curve. I can't tell you where because that would violate stack rules but I must say I am proud of myself for being one of the (relatively speaking) few that has the new OS.

    Video recording works well in the new OS and youtube on the Curve is really quite nice. I am still learning about the new features as we speak. No guts, no glory!

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    Vid recording is not here yet for the 8300 but with the 4.5 OS (I'm one of many using a leaked version) vid recording is there and works well. Also the YouTube capability is with 4.5, but with leaked version its spotty at best.

    Just wait for official 4.5 OS.
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