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I think I already know the answer to this but here goes. With the option ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    iphone, 8320 or Pearl?


    I think I already know the answer to this but here goes.

    With the option to use an unlocked iphone on T-Mobile, how would you compare it to the new 8320 (to be released on 9/24) or the Pearl that I currently own and love?

    I'm thinking its a no contest decision for the 8320. What do you think?

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    Re: iphone, 8320 or Pearl?

    ~via BB ( agree. Stick w/ the bb and upgrade if you can.

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    Re: iphone, 8320 or Pearl?

    8320 for sure.
    an iphone does the same things, for many times the price and the pearl is getting older.
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    Re: iphone, 8320 or Pearl?

    I have tried the iPhone for about a week and did not find that it had nearly the capabilities of my BB. Plus, modding the iPhone is going to cost you a lot to have it done or be risky to do yourself on such an expensive piece of equipment.
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    Re: iphone, 8320 or Pearl?

    Modding the iPhone is super hard...our friend, who is an IT guy almost bricked the phone! Talk about an expensive mistake. NOT something you want to do. Initially I had a hard time chaning the BB's OS...and I thought perhaps the iPhone was the same thing---time and patience...however, I was takes hella SMARTS to do it! Kudos to those that can (i'd pay for someone to do it) but hey....I do love the BB....Gotta admit I was TEMPTED....However, I would say get any version of the Curve. With all the problems that even unlocked BB's are having with the internet and TMO...why try to make a $700 phone do the switch???
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    Re: iphone, 8320 or Pearl?


    im so sick of hearing about them but, to answer the post...

    i would never get an iphone. ive been there and done that and luckily that brief lapse of judgement has passed.

    reasons why ill never own one:

    i was soooooooooooo hating the keyboard. trying to type a url was like trying to part the seas. hated it.
    the web apps, functioned well but i hated having to go specifically to a website and accessing the program and being unable to use the internet whilst busy with the app. i had become accumstomed to using the web and having apps open in the background but then again...i was a SPOILED BLACKBERRY USER.
    moreover, no integrated gps but it had wi-fi. why would i care about wi-fi? well...spending 600 bones + tax made me think id be able to flyyyyy with my new phone. not the case, a lot of wi-fi networks are secured, or you have to pay. it was rare when i was able to get the wi-fi for free. in fact, it happend once at a friends house and thats cause i knew the password.
    the youtube content they tout as being a selling point, .... half of the videos i accessed didnt even work. it was like what the.....
    dont even get me started on the email. i was over it. i wanted to throw the stupid thing in the trash by the time i was done.

    although my bb has a browser that leaves much to be desired, i can find my way out of podunk central with my GPS and .... did i mention my phone is sexy? and as for the wait for that while i wait for my sexy wifi enabled 88XX
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