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I got a bb for xmas with gps. the 8310 and they set me up ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    ?ion about curve GPS and pricing


    I got a bb for xmas with gps. the 8310 and they set me up with a data plan for email and internet and also the telenav gps
    Now i been trying to get answer for this for a few days now and even the person i called at att doesnt seem to have a clue.
    I really dont need the internet/email data plan for my phone i work with computers all day and personal have no use for it on my phone nor wish to pay the extra 30.oo a month for something i dont use. BUT i do love the voice turn by turn with telenav and was wondering if anyone knows if i can change my account to cancel my internet/email data plan and jsut keep the 9.99 telenav service only.
    I looked on the ATT site for when you want to buy a phone online and they give you the options to just buy the gps service and no data plan so im thinking to myself i can do what i want but when i talk to a att rep they dont seem to really know. My last step would be just to walk into a att store and just really get to bottom of my question.

    So my main question is can i just have the 9.99 telenav service and not see any other charges in my bill?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: ?ion about curve GPS and pricing

    You cannot just get the Telenav. The program requires a data plan to download and update the maps as you go. So you're kinda out of luck.

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