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Hi all - i am having problems using my BB whilst i am on business ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    International Roaming - Please Help


    Hi all - i am having problems using my BB whilst i am on business in Brazil (usually based in the UK and on o2)

    Basically my BB is refusing to recieve calls and data services are absent also - so no email/internet.

    I have contacted my provider o2 who say there are no bars on my account for international roaming. When i have been abroad before (EU only) i have had no problems.

    I have with colleagues here who are also on o2 and are not experiencing any problems (only difference is that they are on BES and i am on BIS)

    I ran a diagnostic test on my handset the results of which were:

    Data Activation: Yes
    Radio Access: EDGE (depite it saying egde rather than EDGE on my home screen)

    Blackberry Registration: No
    Connected to Blackberry: No
    Blackberry PIN-PIN: No

    then it say that i am not connected to my email server

    Does anyone know if there is anything i can do to improve this rather desparate situation? at the moment i am limited to receiving sms only and making outbound calls.

    Thanks in advance for your help people!


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    Data is an optional service, above and beyond normal GSM or EDGE voice/sms service.

    Are you using your UK based O2 SIM card in Brazil? Does O2 have a service sharing agreement with Brazil telecom?

    Might want to investigate buying a local Brazil SIM card/service that offers a data service in addition to normal voice/sms traffic.

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    Hi, I know this is a silly question, but did you unlock it prior to going to Brazil?

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