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    Interception on recepotion ?


    I have an associate that is synced up with our BlackBerry Enterprise server to her company account on Outlook. The account was set up in Ohio, and the associate, (lets call her PINK) is on business in southern California.

    The problem is that she is no longer receiving emails nor is she able to use her web browser. She is however able to make / recieve phone calls and send / receive text messages.

    The reception bar on her phone says 1x ev. After calling Verizon, they said that it might be a simple reception issue because the best reception is 1x EV (in caps). Yet, after looking at the BlackBerry 8330 users manual, is says nothing about 1xev, it only shows 1xEV.

    Also, i had her check the reconciliation settings, and they are all what they should be. Plus, i had her check her Enterprise Activation, and its shows that everything should be working. After contacting the Verizon represenative for our company, they said its something on the server end; yet i had already refreshed her from the server this morning.

    I am about to walk her through a clean wipe, yet i dont want to do this and cause further techniqual issues to her phone; especially considering our headquartes is in Ohio, and she will be on the road for the next 4 weeks. I would have to do all the tech work via phone call, which would be a pain if in fact i was mearly a reception issue.

    Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you

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    I wouldn't suggest a wipe. Being in 1xev means she will not receive her email or be able to access the web but can place & recieve phone calls.

    I was in San Diego a few months ago and had this same problem with the Alltel network and I am on a BES. Alltel had me change my SID for the period of time I was there and it resolved the problem. You may have Verizon do the same for this user as a temporary fix.

    Doing a wipe on the device will not fix a reception issue unless it is an ongoing issue in a home calling area. I don't understand why the Verizon Rep would think refreshing the device on the BES would resolve a reception issue.

    Contact Verizon back and get them to provide you with the local SID for the area your co-worker is in and then have her enter that into her CDMA Service Edit Screen by dialing ##000000 and on the Home SID: line, enter that new one. The phone will reset and see if it resolves the issue.
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    I know that this is supposed to go on but not till tomorrow, . My girlfreind just flew out to CA yesterday and she was having a similar issue. I told her to pull the battery to reset the phone then update the towers. It was up and running fine after she did that. Hope this helps. We are also from Ohio.

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    I suggest a battery pull as well.

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