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Dear All, First of i wanted to ask can i get the Owner information on ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Installing the New OS 4.5 (Simple Terms)


    Dear All,

    First of i wanted to ask can i get the Owner information on the front screen of my Blackberry.

    Ive done device setup e.g. setting up device copying my numbers over

    Also i wanted to ask is there any way of editing the numbers off the simcard instead of doing it one by one on the phone?

    Also ive yet to set up e-mail, i am going to proceed with the upgrade of the new 4.5 Operating System.

    Can anyone explain how to do this in simple terms on installing the 4.5 OS, i tried doing it last night and i failed misreable upon going on the desktop manager i wasnt able to upgrade at all.

    I downloaded the version OS

    Currently in possesion of Orange UK BLackberry 8320 Black Emerald

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone,



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    Do you have desktop manager 4.5? If so the next step is to delete the vendor xlm file. Just do a search on your pc to find it. Once you've done both you should be all set. Connect your phone, open desktop manager, and it should let you know the upgrade is availible.
    Oh yeah you said you have the new device os on your pc, make sure you extract the file 1st or the desktop manager won't see it. Takes a little while once it starts so be patient. AND DON'T DISCONNECT UNTIL ITS COMPLETE!! Or you'll have a new set of problems. Good luck!

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    Guru, upgrade instructions are here.

    As for Owner Information, are you talking about what shows up when your device is locked? If so go into Options>Owner. That is where you enter the information.

    Not sure what you're asking with regard to editing numbers off the SIM card. If you have multiple numbers to modify, you could always do that in Outlook (if you use it), then when you sync your device that change will propogate to the device.

    Hope this helps!


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