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Hi all-- ***Running on my 8320**** I am wanting to start using a task ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question IM Clients make my BB Freeze


    Hi all--

    ***Running on my 8320****

    I am wanting to start using a task management service called HiveMinder that can help me track my todo list with instant messaging. I have a license for BeeJive (haven't used it much in a while but it is up-to-date) and have also tried IM+ and WebMessenger. I seem to have the same problem with all of them. I already use Xpenser for expense tracking and love using IM for these is quick and convenient (or it should be anyway...)

    Problem is, after I have been running the IM client for a while, my BB gets Hourglass Fever. It takes the three-finger salute (or a battery pull) to get it running again.

    I thought it might be related to WiFi--sometimes the phone app craps when I leave a wifi area--so I disabled that on the IM clients. At first it seemed to be better but it isn't...still freezes up.

    Now I am trying to use only one IM network at a time. I was logging into both AIM and Yahoo, but now just AIM. Don't know if this will make a difference or not yet...just have to wait and see.

    Has anyone had do deal with this before? Any suggestions would be most helpful.

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    Unfortunately the freezing/hourglass is very common with the older devices. They have so little memory compared to newer devices. The only things you can do are try to remove anything not essential and see if that helps, a daily reboot or battery pull to help keep memory free, and clear your browser cache and any unneeded messages. Your best bet is to upgrade to a newer model when you can.

    You can try loading a different version of the 4.5 OS and see if that helps too...
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