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It didn't work =[... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    It didn't work =[

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    Sorry only other thing I could think of
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    You have to install the phone on your computer. Totally delete all the BB stuff on your computer.Then reinstall the desktop manager and that's what fixed the problem for me.

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    I had a similar connection issue with my BB when I upgraded to 4.5 from 4.2. When I tried to connect to desktop manager as it was before the upgrade I had a very similar response. I believe it was because I was using the DM for version 4.2.

    From the blackberry site, I downloaded the version of DM that matched my OS (4.5) once you get to the point of installing the application, it asks if you want to remove or install. I chose remove first to remove the software on the computer. Then I re-downloaded and installed the correct DM. Once I did that I was able to connect fine to DM.

    As far as your contact list not being anywhere but your phone, All my contacts, calendar and memo pad are synced to my yahoo account. If I want to add a contact I add all the information in yahoo (on a full keyboard) and when I connect to DM it updates my phone. If you have to wipe ur phone and start all over, I would go to yahoo or gmail and make sure all your contacts are there. Worst case scenario, you would have to re-type them into the BB but you would not lose anything completely!

    Good Luck!!

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    If u have insurance replace BB
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    This may sound funny and a bit goofy but...
    I have had trouble a couple times having a couple different computers/ DM to see my phone.

    I did this:
    before hooking the BB to the computer open the DM. At the point where DM is opening/ loading plug the BB into your computer.

    Not sure what forces this to recognize the Berry but I have used this more than once to connect my device when something just did not want to work.
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