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Ok so i just upgraded to the new tmo 4.5. I went to switch the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Ok so i just upgraded to the new tmo 4.5. I went to switch the theme to the one i had before the upgrade (3rd party app called "Surreal") and that's when everything fell apart. NOw I can only get my phone to boot up and all i see is the hourglass. NOthing else, it wont move from that screen. Can someone, anyone please help me??? I tried to reinstall everything but it wont let me, and here's the kicker, when i try to uninstall the surreal theme from the app loader, it wont let me. I'll uncheck it to remove it, but it re-checks it again so it looks like I'm stuck. Can someone help me?

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    This has happend to alot of people the Surreal theme is not 4.5 compatable you have to reinstall the OS and you can delete the theme straight from the device

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    Sounds like you need to view this thread here: How to Reinstall OS when Device is not recognized by PC
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