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Hello, I am having a problem with my HTML email. I've had since July ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    HTML Email Problem



    I am having a problem with my HTML email. I've had since July on my phone and had no problems with HTML emails. I installed the official T-Mobile release of the week was released. Everything was working fine until this week when HTML emails would not render. I get the emails but they just display the HTML code and that's it; its not being rendered correctly. I've tried deleting & resending my service books, re-registering with HRT and nothing seems to work. Is anyone else having the problem? Any ideas?


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    I had the same problem last week and after uninstalling, reinstalling, downgrading OS, deleting mailboxes, recreating mailboxes numerous times, I had to call T-Mo support. After explaining everything I had attempted and that I didn't want to reinstall the OS a seventh time, they bumped me to RIM. After going up a level, they told me they would call me back. Mysteriously, my email started rendering properly about 20 minutes later. They did call me back and said they had done something at their end. So, you might try calling T-Mo.
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    T-Mobile HTML Email Problem

    This is a problem at RIM. I had mine corrected last night. Call T-Mobile Support and detail the problem. They will walk you through some steps to verify the integrity of your phone, then will escalate you to RIM support. RIM needs to verify your PIN and some other information. They have to "reset something on the back end." That's the best explanation they gave. The tech then remained on the line with me until he had verified that all my email accounts were receiving HTML properly. So far, so good.

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    I just tried calling Tmo and the tech helping me said it's because the software certain companies use to send emails are not supported by the software on my curve. It really didnt' help my issue at all!

    I will be calling again tonight and requesting to be escalated to RIM support.

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